Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bring back D'angelo!

So I happened to hit Skillz' MySpace today, and read a blog he posted almost a year ago now titled, "I just saw D'angelo at Best Buy!!". Since I am a fan of D'angelo's music (and Skillz' obviously too), I read his blog....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I just saw D'angelo at Best Buy!!

I was walking down the aisle and he was on the other one, wasnt sure
if it was him but I know he hits that store up sometimes(besides its
the only one on this side of town). So I walked to the end of the
aisle I was on and then turned to walk up the aisle he was on so we
would be facing each other if it really was him I looked at him...he
looked at me and then I spoke..
S- Wassup playboy?
D- Nothing much, just chilling
S- How you been man?
D- Just hanging out.
S- You still doing the music thing?
D-Does it look like it?
( he laughed when he said it so I wasnt sure what that meant)
S- I mean I hope so dawg. I know how R&B is it doesnt take long before
a new cat comes in and does his thang. But I'ma be honest nigga, these
new dudes couldnt check a microphone for you...thats real talk!
(he laughed )
D- I know man..they all over the place
S-I was just listening to She's Always in My Hair" yesterday nigga!
D- Stop playing nigga
S- For real dude. I mean I'm in the streets constantly and I keep my
ear to the street And regardless of what you think people are waiting
for some new shit from you.( he cracked a smile) I mean real talk
nigga no one has come close to you since you left. And look how long
they had to do it? Nobody can do what you did nigga!
D-Ha. Word?
S- I mean what we gotta do? I'll get on the campaign right now nigga.
I know you got some new shit right?
D- Yeah I do. It's just gotta be right. Matter of fact the new shit is
crazy. I dont think niggas is ready for it.
S- See that's what I'm saying..all the more reason to drop a bomb on
these niggas. Cats will call it a comeback but the way I look at it
you never really left. Once you drop it again it'll be just like you
never left.
D- I hear you nigga
S-I mean I go to Ahmir's site sometimes and trust me its a different
D'angelo thread on there every other day.
D-Yeah..I aint seen dude in a minute.
S- I know he's down for you though. We all are. You came out before me
dude. So I have an enormous amount of respect for you. You were the
first cat from here to do it on a major level and then you blew the
fuck up and your music was bananas??? I'm just giving credit where
credit is due.
D- Thanks man. I appreciate that nigga. I miss being on the stage,
this industry is so full of bullshit..
S- And it always will be D! We just gotta get past that though. Good
music is good music and it always finds a way to get to the people. I
dont know your label situation, where you went or whether Virgin still
has you but they just gave me a label nigga...I would put out your
B-Sides on that bitch!!
( He starts laughing out loud)
D- You crazy nigga.
S- Nah nigga. Thats real. You crazy. I know you sittin on some shit. I
heard you been out LA with Saadiq and some more folks..shit I just saw
Poyser last week and I'ma get sumn from em for my album.
D- How is he?
S- He's good man...just working. I mean eff it Ima just ask what the
whole world wants to ask you, when can we expect some new music?
( He paused for a second and looked at me)
D- It's coming man, its just gotta be right. I've always been like
that nigga. When it aint right you know it but when its right its
right you dont even have to question it.
S- I feel you.
D- I been working though. I dont want peeps to think I'm just sittin
on my ass. I mean erbody know what I been going thru..shit its all
over on MTV and shit but I'm good though nigga, I cant complain. I
mean they want me to just sit here and do nothing but I been working.
They wanna throw me up here before Lyfe and Dwele and John Legend but
it's cool, I'm in a different mindframe.
S- Man music has gone to shit. And if they have had a hint of success
they all have taken a page from the D'angelo book!!
D- Haaah! You crazy nigga!
S- I know I'm crazy. But fuck it ...thats what makes the world go
round! The crazy niggas! We just lost the ..1 craziest nigga in the
world! So we need some more. Nigga? We can re do some old album
(he's laughing way louder than before now)
Then I look to my left and see a cat in beige khakis and a BestBuy
shirt who can clearly see that I'm talking to D but still manages to
BESTBUY BOY- You Skillz right?
S- Yeah man
BESTBUY BOY- I got a question about your label.
S- Uh huh
BESTBUY BOY- What kinda acts you looking for?
S- Just good music man, I wont be really looking for acts until after
my album comes out.
Then he walks off and I turn to D to finish the convo and before I can
start where I left off I hear BEstBuy bot interrupt me again.
BESTBUY BOY- Ummm Skillz? One more question.
S- What man?!?!?!
BESTBUY BOY- Is it a particular reason that your standing in the R&B
aisle talking to the cd's?

Is this kat the dopest storyteller, or what?
Props to Skillz! He had me fooled....AND listening to some old D'angelo jams again! If you haven't heard his album "Voodoo", I highly suggest you do!
Check out this live track too from his '98 release "Live @ The Jazz Cafe"... Bring the man back!!

D'ANGELO - Can't Hide Love (Live @ The Jazz Cafe)


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Over 200 FREE Wu-Tang tracks!

Since there are so many official and unofficial members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and so many songs on so many different albums...The wonderfull, RZA has posted over 200 Wu-Tang tracks as free downloads at! Most of the songs are from mixtapes, remixes, rarities or albums with guest appearances from members of the Wu.... Some hot shit!

So get over there and start downloading...Who knows how long they'll be up there for!

WU-TANG CORP.COM - Over 200 free downloads!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bad Blood (R.I.P.)

When I first moved to Toronto, I immediately started checking out local bands. One of the first bands I really latched on to was a band called Bad Blood. Five cool dudes who played fun, heavy music...and their shows were a blast! Through the Blood, I was also introduced to many other bands like Fence (aka Twinfold), Black Belt Jones (RIP), Race (RIP), Semi-Auto Reflex (RIP)...and of course, The Salads!

I also did a few show posters for the Blood, and the graphic design work for the cds "Amplify", "Nobody Likes Me", and the "Ring'N'Ears compilation"...while I was still learning graphic design in college!

On May 14th, 1998, Bad Blood played a show at CBGBs....and I was there, on the road with them to a few gigs in and around New York, helping them out...being the "Road Dawg" (my aka at the time). Fortunately the entire show at CBGBs was recorded through the soundboard. If you listen to the beginning of "What Don't Kill", you can hear the boys dedicate it to "Road Dawg"...Funny shit. Very fun times...Sleeping over at Richie's (original Sick Of It All bass player)...meeting Scott Ian @ CBGBs....driving by Q-Tip on the street and asking him when the new Tribe cd would be released and he yelled back the date....drinking with Jay (from Stem...Where is that dude these days?!)..Good times!

On May 23rd, 1998, I saw The Salads open up for Bad Blood at the Elmocambo. I thought, "My jam band could play a few shows with these guys..That'd be cool!". Shortly thereafter we did indeed play a few shows together....and I became the lead singer of The Salads...still to this day! What a ride it's been...and what a ride it's gonna be! Hawt Damn!

Recently, one of Bad Blood's singers, Bill, posted a site with Bad Blood's entire catalog (and more), all as free downloads!
The Bad Blood guys were always really good to me (well, most of the time. haha), so... Cheers to them!
Enjoy these recordings!

P.S. If you're looking for more heavy music, check out my latest "Good Music" podcast! It's got some ballssssss. ;)

BAD BLOOD (R.I.P.): catalogue download, and more!
MISTA D's GOOD MUSIC PODCAST: Episode 8: Time 2 Rawk!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Black Milk does a body good.

One of Dilla's producer/MC prodigies, Black Milk is coming on strong this year.

For those of you who haven't heard Black Milk yet, his beats are very reminscent of Dilla's, but he still has a style of his own. His new album, "Popular Demand" is out in stores now....and here's a free download of his official mixtape, "Pressure" to promote the album.....some excellent tracks!...check it out...

P.S. And check out his MySpace page for some dope instructional videos of Black Milk making a beat from scratch!


BLACK MILK - Pressure (The Mixtape)


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Do the Pigeon, yo!

I have heard the name Pigeon John mentioned a few times before, but not much of his music. After seeing Peeping Tom open for Gnarls Barkley on their tour last year, I was completely convinced to go see Mike Patton and his Peeping Tom project on their next time around.....which happens to be tomorrow! What's the connection to Pigeon John? He's opening the show!

So I've had a poke around online to learn a bit more about Pigeon John, and I'm really diggin' his stuff! Really stoked to see his stage show now!

Check out this song from his 2003 album, "Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister". It's a catchy tune with some clever lyrics from a "struggling artist" point of view....something I can relate to. ;) Check out his latest video for "Freaks! Freaks!" too...Funny shit.

Do the damn Pigeon, yo! Check it out...

PIGEON JOHN - Highschool Reunion
PIGEON JOHN - Freaks! Freaks! (Video)


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Tribute To J Dilla: Assorted Donuts

I stumbled upon this gem of a mixtape that is a wikkid tribute to the works of the late master hip-hop producer, J. Dilla (aka Jay Dee). If you are a fan of hip-hop music, and don't think you know about better step to it and get on that shit!

This collection is a mix of songs Dilla produced and some of Dilla's tracks from his instrumental "Donuts" album with vocals from other popular MCs.

Big ups to for posting this album! Enjoy...

J.DILLA - Assorted Donuts (Mixed by DJ Soul)