Friday, January 26, 2007

Crush Luther are lovely lads.

My good buddy, Darrin Pfeiffer (who is sometimes seen playing drums with my band), has a record-label called High4Records. These people are doing this for the love of music and a strong belief in some amazing indie talent. One of the first bands signed to High4 is a band called Crush Luther.

Crush Luther is a kool band of dudes from Toronto. I've played shows with them a few times now, and gone to shows of theirs as well.....and I am growing more and more impressed with these guys and their live show. And their music is growing on me too!

Then I see this kool-ass video for their first single, "City Girl". Soon after I see the video, I hear from Darrin that the video is climbing on the MuchMusic charts....RAD!! And did I mention that their new self-titled album (the first release on High4Records!!!) is an awesome album? Well, now ya know!

So if you don't know about Crush Luther yet, go check out their MySpace (link below), and check out their new video too! (YouTube link below)....and if you get a minute, go vote for them to keep gettin' pushed up those charts on tv n radio-land!



Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Singin' Circlesongs

This album was released in 1997, but for some reason, is not an easy one to find in Canada.

Too many people only know the works of Bobby McFerrin through "Don't Worry, Be Happy"...but he has SO many other cool recordings out there! "Circlesongs" is one of those recordings. This album was recorded with Bobby McFerrin and 12 other singers...sometimes multi-tracked. The songs are all "Circlesongs", named by numbers, and there are eight tracks.

I've included "Circlesong Three" on the fifth episode of my "Good Music Podcast", an hour and twenty-some minutes of chilled-out songs I combined and called, "Mellow Moods". Check out the link below to listen to it and/or download it. And definitely check out the Bobby McFerrin track and then go buy the album if you dig's well worth it!

BOBBY McFERRIN - Circlesong Three
MISTA D'S GOOD MUSIC PODCAST - Episode 5: Mellow Moods


Thursday, January 18, 2007

I wanna go drinkin' with Amy Winehouse...

...That is after I have a few pints with Tom Waits. haha

I just found out about this female singer named Amy Winehouse. She's got this dirty, soulful, jazzy thing goin' on...She's dope. The other day I saw the video for her first single, "Rehab", from her latest album, "Back To Black"...and the video sold me! I then saw her second video, "You Know I'm No Good"....Enough to make me check out the entire album.

So now I've heard that album, and the one before that, "Frank" (released in 2003), which is a lil' heavier on the R&B side, but still very good. I was particularly surprised by the track "In My Bed", which uses the same instrumental that NaS used on "Made You Look". Very kool!

Anyways, check out this video for "Rehab"...and if you dig that, check out the entire album too! Lemme know if you dig it...



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today was a good day.

It's still early in the afternoon as I post this, but today is already a good day. Maining because I don't have to go to work today, and it's cold I can chillax....making today a good day!

So in hopes to keep my day, and yours, on this good path...these songs are ideal for today's soundtrack...

I recently heard this rhyme that Pharrell did over Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day" instrumental, on Pharrell's first mixtape (put out with DJ Drama), a "prequel" to his "In My Mind" album (which I kinda think is more interesting than his "In My Mind" album)....which reminded me of this classic track of Cube's....One of my early hip-hop favourites from 1992!

Then I remembered that dope remix of "It Was A Good Day" Cube put out in '94 on his "Bootlegs & B-Sides" album...Another smooooth gem with The Staple Singers and Parliament samples replacing the instrument, and Cube reworked some lyrics for it too....Dope.

Well, I hope these help make your day brighter like mine is runnin' so far....Enjoy!

ICE CUBE - It Was A Good Day
ICE CUBE - It Was A Good Day (Remix)
PHARRELL - It Was A Great Day
PHARRELL & DJ DRAMA - In My Mind: The Prequel Mixtape


Monday, January 8, 2007

Infectious is infectious!

One of my favourite albums (and groups) has to be "The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move" by Infectious Grooves.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Groove Family Cyco...

Infectious Grooves are a funk metal band led by Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir. It also features ex-Suicidal Tendencies, now Metallica, bassist Robert Trujillo, and ex-Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins.... Heavy duty shit!

Another reason why I wanted to add this one up here is because this album is not available (to the best of my knowledge) in Canada right now for some reason. I love it, and think it's a classic! So check this out...




Thursday, January 4, 2007

Skankin' wit Staylefish!

I was quite impressed when I first heard the final version of this entire album. And of course I was also honored to be a part of it, let alone the first single, "Rebel Rider".

The Salads have played with Staylefish a few times, after I had heard of these reggae-rock boys from London (Ontario) through some of our fans in London. Thanks to them, we've connected and collaborated!

If you can, go check out their live show and buy this new cd....It's great!
Which reminds me...They're playing at the Horseshoe tomorrow night at 9:30PM, and I think I might be there with some join us! Hey, maybe we'll do "Rebel Rider" together? yeeeeah....See you there!

STAYLEFISH feat. MISTA D - Rebel Rider