Friday, December 28, 2007

Salad Gold 14 Sampler!

We're back at the city of Toronto with another mighty installment of our show, SALAD GOLD.

This time we come equipt with a stellar 5 song sampler with 2 rare songs by The Salads, and more by the other Canadian acts on the bill: The Stereo Hoax, Dodger, and Kazzer!

Get that shit...enjoy....and come out and party with us on January 26th!


*Show details at the SALAD GOLD MYSPACE


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reggae Christmas!

I have accumulated a lot of Christmas music of all kinds over the last few years, but I decided to put this one up here for the real reggae fans like myself who get a kick outta this shit. :)

This collection has Christmas songs by guys like Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, The Heptones, Freddie McGregor, and so many more! It's a good album!

Merry Chrismakwanzafestivukah, y'all!

Play safe....


P.S. Anyone interesting in a Christmas album from James Brown? The Beach Boys? Willie Nelson? The Jackson 5? The Tempations? ...or maybe The Jingle Cats?! yeeeeeah. You want The Jingle Cats. ;) hahaha Happy HoHo.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Ice Opinion (pt.2)

In 1994, rapper/actor/entrepreneur, Ice-T, released a book called "The Ice Opinion : Who Gives A Fuck?". I have a copy of the audiobook, which is dope because it's read by Ice himself.

I posted two of my favourite chapters, 5&6, in this blog, and since then have received many comments from folks looking for the rest of the book. This one goes out to my boys Fritz and Mindbender...

Here are Chapters 1-4....Enjoy!!

DOWNLOAD> ICE-T - Chapters 1&2 of "The Ice Opinion" (Audiobook)
DOWNLOAD> ICE-T - Chapter 3 of "The Ice Opinion" (Audiobook)
DOWNLOAD> ICE-T - Chapter 4 of "The Ice Opinion" (Audiobook)

P.S. Interested in Chapters 7-11? Leave me a comment and maybe I'll do it. :)


Jay-Z Vs Led Zeppelin!

A nice mash-up/remix album put together by DJ Doc Rok combining acapellas by Jay-Z from "American Gangster" and the music of Led Zeppelin....and it sounds good!

Big ups to Dr. Chlorophyll's Heavy Cuts blog for turnin' me on to this one!

Check it out, yo...

DOWNLOAD> JAY-Z vs LED ZEPPELIN - American Zeppelin (by DJ Doc Rok)


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dennis Brown

1977 saw the release of "Visions", the first full length Dennis Brown album released by Joe Gibbs and a proper album rather than a collection of singles like its predecessor, the classic "Wolf & Leopards" set. It proved to be one of the singer's greatest and most compelling albums, and the one that helped establish his and producer Joe Gibbs' dominant position in late 1970s reggae.

Here the listener is treated to a thoughtful selection of material, Jamaica's leading session musicians (including Sly & Robbie, Lloyd Parks, Lennox Gordon, Eric Lamont, Franklyn Waul, Errol Nelson, Harold Butler, Sticky, Herman Marquis, Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis, and Vin Gordon) on top form, the prowess of Errol Thompson at the controls and, last but not least, the amazingly assured vocal performances of a then barely twenty years old singer.

All in all an essential album from a great singer whose untimely death in 1999 shocked the reggae world.

* (taken from here.)

Another reggae classic from another legendary Jamaican vocalist! ENJOY!



Andrew W.K.

When this album came out in 2001, obviously I was curious about the music based on the cover art (I'm a sucker for a good album cover), but for whatever reasons, I wasn't ready to fully dig the music on the album...I didn't get it.

A few years ago a finally gave "I Get Wet" by Andrew W.K. a full-attention thorough listen....and I loved it!!

I was also swayed to the ways of Mr. W.K. after my band played the same Wakestock festival at Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada. He really put on a great show! I also remember seeing him on the same flight that the band and I once took from SXSW in Texas to LA. A few of us thought it was him, but the others weren't convinced. So on our ride out of the airport we passed him waiting for his ride, and I stuck my head out the window with a "Andrew!", and sure enough he turns his head and waves in our direction with a smile. We all laughed in the car, "It WAS him!". hahaha

To this day, this is now one of my favourite "party albums" of all time. Give'r a go...It's very effective! :)

Remember this video for "She Is Beautiful"?!:


P.S. Unfortunately, I have yet to obtain copies of any of his other albums. If anyone has anything, or can send me in the right direction, that'd rock!

P.P.S. This is great too! A clip from Andrew W.K.'s 4 hour lecture at New York University. This clip is about the paradox of partying. haha:


Sunday, December 2, 2007