Friday, January 18, 2008


Check out my homey, Mindbender's, new video for his track, "Love For Sale"...

Now go check out his blog , "Love Supreme: A Universe Made In Heaven on Earth, manifested by Mindbender Futurama" (see link in right column) for some good reading...



This "Report On Business" Mixtape was released on a small run in 2003. I think I bought this copy straight off Arcee himself. Dude is a really good cat AND a killer MC. AND, haha, He lives in Canada. :) It's mixed by Lil' Jaz aka Nelly Furtado's baby-daddy, and an excellent turntablist!

This goes out to the hotness that Arcee laid down on a FEW tracks. Yeah, that's right. Let's hear a FULL album now! hahaha Much love! :) ..and to the people that reached out to me about da Grassroots post, and the simple fact that the lil' poll on the right column says that y'all want more hip-hop. Well....Here ya go! Another gem from my collection!

DOWNLOAD> ARCEE - Report On Business - 1st Edition (Mixtape) (Mixed by Lil' Jaz)

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Thursday, January 17, 2008


I picked up Soulive's "Next" album back in 2002, and really dug it....I particularly killed that Ani Difranco cover sung by Dave Matthews....phewww....deadly. :) Well, now Soulive has a new lead singer instead of various guest vocalists...and this new guy kills it!

I was really happy to see that they released a new one in 2007. After listening to the first 2 tracks I was already impressed by this new direction, and I sat up straight in my chair to listen to the rest of the album. And HOLY SHIT. I'm loving this album!

Highlight tracks for me so far: "Don't Tell Me", "Callin", "Morning Light", "Yeah Yeah", "If This World Was A Song".....aww man, the whole album is reeally dope y'all! haha

Big ups to Blak's Lair for posting this one!

DOWNLOAD> SOULIVE - No Place Like Soul



Thursday, January 3, 2008

Purple Image


After noticing that my earlier post of the Demon Fuzz album has received the most downloads of all my posts, I've decided to put up another in a similar vein. If you haven't heard Demon Fuzz yet, think of something like Jimi Hendrix fused with P-Funk.

In 1970, the group Purple Image released their only album on the obscure Map City label. Purple Image's eponymous self-titled album merged a strong blend of soul funk and psych rock to considerable effect.

If you dig this stuff, let me know, 'cuz I've got more albums in a similar style where that came from! (ie. Black Merda, Fugi, Eddie Hazel, Cymande, Maximillian, Cane & Able, The Politicians, Bloodstone, Mandrill, Osibisa, Monomono...and so on!)